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Du’a (Supplication) is that the essence of worship and one in all the foremost powerful weapons of the believers. we’ve got to stay on creating Du’as altogether circumstances while not losing hope in Allah’s forgiveness, despite however sinful we have a tendency to area unit.It is expressed in a very Hadith Qudsi:
“Allah says: O son of Adam, as long as you appeal Maine with hope, I shall forgive you of what you’ve got done, and assume nothing of it. O son of Adam, although your sins were to succeed in up to the clouds within the sky, so you were to enkindle My forgiveness, i might forgive you and assume nothing of it. O son of Adam, although you were to come back to Maine with sins nearly as nice because the earth, so you were to satisfy Maine when death, not worshiping something besides Maine, i might bring you forgiveness nearly as nice because the earth.” (Sunan Tirmidhi: 3540)
Allah says within the Qur’an: “Whoever repents when his crime and will righteous deeds, then verily, Supreme Being can pardon him. Verily, Supreme Being is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”(Surah Maaidah: 5/39)
Allah doesn’t wish to penalise any of His servants and forgives people’s sins at the slightest excuse. the sole condition is that the person should really regret in his/her heart for the sin they need committed and resolve to not repeat it once more.
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