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Qadiriya Radwaia Hamidieh Nuria Azhari. Applying Shajrah Sharif to all the lovers of our great master Joss the Elder Sheikh Abdul Qader Jilani RadiALLAHU.
Akhtar Raza Khan Azari 2 February 1941 – 20 July 2018.
An Indian Barelvi was Muslim scholar and Mufti. 

He was the descendants of Barelvi Movement founder Mujaddidi Ahmed Raza Khan (great grandchildren).
He was considered by Barelvi Muslims in India,
to work as a Grand Mufti of India. 
He ranked 22nd on the list of 500 most effective Muslims (2014-15-15) worldwide, which was set up by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Center.
He was a follower of followers across the country and outside. 
On 20 July 2018, he died of a long illness.


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