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One of the sons of Sayyiduna Nuh whose name was Kin’aan didn’t embrace religion wholeheartedly. Instead, he was a deceiver. He would conceal his Kufr however at the time of flood, he exposed it. once elderly the ark, Sayyiduna Nuh known as his son and same, ‘O my beloved son! You too board the ark and leave the corporate of the unbelievers.’ He said, ‘During the flood, i’ll climb up the mountains to induce shelter.’ Gloomy, Sayyiduna Nuh same, ‘Son! nowadays, nobody will save anyone from the torment of Supreme Being . solely the one upon whom Supreme Being would shower His mercy may be saved.’ while this discussion was happening between the son and therefore the father, a giant wave came and Kin’aan sunken .
It is additionally according that Kin’aan climbed up a high mountain, hid in a very cave and sealed each gap of the cave. however once the wave of flood stricken the highest of the mountain, the cave stuffed with water. during this approach, Kin’aan sunken into dirty water containing his body waste.
(Iafseer As-Saawi, vol. 3, pp. 914; half twelve, Surah Hood, Ayah 43)
Allah has mentioned concerning this event within the Holy Quran:
And Nuh known as dead set his son and he was standing other than it (outside the Ark), ‘O my son! Embark beside US, and don’t be with the disbelievers.’ He (the son) same, ‘I shall request refuge on a mountain, which is able to save Maine from the water.’ Nuh said, ‘Today there’s nobody United Nations agency will prevent from the penalization of Supreme Being, except upon whom He bestows mercy,’ and therefore the wave came in between them, therefore he remained amongst the drowning ones.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part twelve, Surah Hood, domestic help 42-43)
Seeing his son drowning before of his eyes, Sayyiduna Nuh became terribly grievous and unhappy. He implored Supreme Being , ‘O my Rab! My son, Kin’ aan is among my menage and Your promise is true. you’re [Ahkam-ul-Hakimeen].’ Supreme Being same back, ‘O Nuh! Your son, Kin’ aan isn’t among those households of yours concerning whom I secure to avoid wasting. Therefore, zero Nuh! Your request isn’t valid, therefore request Maine not of any such factor concerning that you are not responsive to.’ Sayyiduna Nuh same, ‘O Supreme Being ! I request Your refuge from asking You of any such factor that i’m not responsive to and if
You do not shower Your Mainercy upon Maine by forgiving me, then i’ll be at loss.’ (Iafseer As-Saawi, vol. 3, pp. 915-916, summarized; half twelve, Surah Hood, domestic help 45-47)
Describing this parable, Supreme Being has mentioned within the Holy Quran:
And Nuh prayed to his Lord; requesting, ‘O My Lord! so my son is additionally from my family, and certainly Your promise is true and you’re the best of dead Commanding.’ He (Allah) same, ‘O Nuh, he’s not from your family; his deeds square measure most despicable; don’t inquire from me for that of that you have got no data (in this regard); i counsel you to not become oblivious.’ He submitted, ‘O My Lord! I request your refuge from asking you that of that I even have no data, and if you are doing not forgive Maine and don’t have Mainercy upon me, then i might he a loser.’
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)J (Part twelve, Surah Hood, domestic help 45-47)

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