Windstorm on the people of ‘Aad

The people of ‘Aad
at an area referred to as
‘Ahqaaf’, that may be a
vast desert set between Sultanate of Oman and Hadramites (Hidarmaut).
famous from the name of their

ancestor whose name was
‘Aad Bin
‘Aws Bin Arum
Bin Saam
Bin Nuh.
people started
line this tribe
by the name of their antecedent
‘Aa d. These individuals were idol
worshippers and
were terribly vicious and sinful.
Allah sent His Nabi
Sayyiduna Hood to guide these individuals however
they refuted him due to
vanity and
savageness and remained cursed with their content.
Hood repeatedly chastened these deviant individuals of the Divine
torment however the cruel individuals aforesaid
to their Nabi very disrespectfully and dauntlessly that:

have you ever come back to United States of America so as that we have a tendency to worship just one God, and abandon those whom our ancestors worshipped? thus bring upon United States of America what you promise United States of America (i.e. the punishment), if (you) square measure truthful.
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part eight, Surah Al-A’raf, Ayah 70)
Finally, the signs of the Divine torment became apparent. There was no rain for 3 years. Famine prevailed all over. The conditions became thus worse that the individuals were dying for one grain. it had been a standard tradition in those days that, just in case of sufferings, they might supplicate close to the sacred Ka’bah in holy Makkah and so they might be blessed relief. Therefore, a gaggle of individuals visited Makkah. inside this delegation, there was an individual referred to as Marsad Bin Sa’d WHO was a believer. however he would keep his religion secret from the individuals. once these individuals started supplicating in Ka’bah, the religion and non secular enthusiasm
of Marsad Bin Sa’ d bubbled over. He said in associate degree emotional outburst to individuals, ‘O my people! notwithstanding you create variant supplications, I swear by the name of God that the rain won’t shower till you are doing not embrace religion in your Nabi Hood .’
When Sayyiduna Marsad Bin Sa’ d discovered his religion, the mischievous individuals of ‘Aad beat him, separated him and resumed praying. At that point, God sent 3 clouds, one was white, one was red and one was black. A voice was detected from the skies: ‘O individuals of ‘Aad! you’ll select one cloud among these 3 clouds for you.’ They opted for
the black cloud assumptive that the black cloud
will evoke tons of rain. Therefore, the black cloud started moving towards the village of the individuals of ‘Aad. The individuals of ‘Aad became terribly happy to envision the black cloud. Sayyiduna Hood said: ‘O my people! Witness that the torment from God is approaching you within the sort of a cloud. however these transgressors refuted their Nabi and aforesaid, ‘What type of torment and wherever from?’ They additional, i.e. it’s a cloud which is returning to produce United States of America rain. (Ruh-ul-Bayan, vol. 3, pp. 187-189; half eight, Surah Al-A’raf, Ayah 70)
The cloud was approaching unceasingly towards the village from the west and every one of a fulminant, a storm blew up from that cloud. This violent storm was thus violent that it might throw away camels in conjunction with their riders from one place to a different. It became additional violent shortly and it uprooted the trees. Upon seeing this, the individuals of ‘Aad confined them in their stone-carved palaces and created the doors shut. However, the storm was thus furious that it failed to solely uproot the doors however additionally caused part of the palaces.
This violent storm sustained for seven nights and eight days and killed every and each individual of the individuals of’ Aad. Not even one kid of those individuals might survive. once the storm terminated, the corpses of the individuals of ‘Aad were lying everywhere the bottom just like the date-palm trees fell uprooted. Therefore, God has said:
وَ اَمَّا عَادٌ فَاُہۡلِکُوۡا بِرِیۡحٍ صَرْصَرٍ عَاتِیَۃٍ ۙ﴿6﴾سَخَّرَہَا عَلَیۡہِمْ سَبْعَ لَیَالٍ وَّ ثَمٰنِیَۃَ اَیَّامٍ ۙ حُسُوۡمًا ۙ فَتَرَی الْقَوْمَ فِیۡہَا صَرْعٰی ۙ کَاَنَّہُمْ اَعْجَازُ نَخْلٍ خَاوِیَۃٍ ۚ﴿7﴾فَہَلْ تَرٰی لَہُمۡ مِّنۡۢ بَاقِیَۃٍ ﴿8﴾

And as for (the tribe of) ‘Aad, they were destroyed by a severe thundering violent storm. He {Allah) forced it upon them with strength, consecutively for seven nights and eight days, thus (0 listener! If you were there) you’d have seen those individuals scattered concerning, like hollow trunks of fallen date trees. thus does one see any survivor amongst them? [Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part twenty nine, Surah Al-Haqqah, Ayah 6-8)
Then with the grace of God , a flock of black birds appeared. They picked the dead bodies up and threw them into the ocean. Sayyiduna Hood then left that space and visited Makka-tul-Mukarramah with few believers WHO had embraced the religion. They remained within the home of God (i.e. Makkah) go to till the last moments of their life.
(Tafseer As-Saawi, vol. 2, pp. 686; half eight, Surah Al-A’raf, Ayah 70)
Moral: let’s have a look at the ethical lesson that we have a tendency to get from this heart-trembling event of the Holy Book. The individuals of ‘Aad were terribly powerful and tall. They were additionally economically well-established as a result of that they had cropped fields and luxurious gardens. These individuals had created separate palaces for his or her summer and winter’s living by engraving the mountains. These individuals, WHO relied tons on their huge variety and power, were terribly happy with their estates and their living within the lap of luxury.
But their content, transgression and misdeeds brought Divine torment specified it had been completely not possible for them up-to-date the force of storm that cask the entire village the other way up and destroyed it. Their existence from the face of the world was done in in such the simplest way that no signs of even their graves exist anyplace, thus however will we have a tendency to the weak individuals, face the blows of the severe Divine torment! so, all those that square measure serious for his or her well­being and survival should refrain from the sins and disobedience of God and His Beloved Rasool . they ought to do their utmost to perform virtuous deeds. Otherwise, the Ayahs of the Holy Book square measure teaching United States of America brazenly that the end result of virtuous deeds is reward bearing which of evil deeds is harmful.
One could recite within the Holy Book that which means, ‘Many

cities were destroyed, owing to (people’s) committing sins’ and additionally recite the subsequent Ayah:

وَلَوْ اَنَّ اَہۡلَ الْقُرٰۤی اٰمَنُوۡا وَاتَّقَوۡا لَفَتَحْنَا عَلَیۡہِمۡ بَرَکٰتٍ مِّنَ السَّمَآءِ وَالۡارْضِ وَلٰکِنۡ کَذَّبُوۡا فَاَخَذْنٰہُمۡ بِمَا کَانُوۡا یَکْسِبُوۡنَ ﴿96﴾
And had the individuals of the cities believed and feared (Allah), thus we’d have for sure opened for them, the blessings from the sky and from the world. however they belied; and that we so taken them on account of their actions.

[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)] (Part nine, Surah AI-A’raf, Ayah 96)

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