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Antakiyah was a prosperous town of Syrian Arab Republic. The borders of {the town|the town|town} were enclosed with firm and robust walls and also the entire city was enclosed with the 5 mountains. The population of town had lined a part of twelve sq. miles. Sayyiduna ‘Isa sent 2 of his preachers from his companions (Hawareen) for spreading Islam during this town. Their
names were Sadiq and Masdooq. once they ” reached town, they met Associate in Nursing recent shepherd, whose
name was Habib Najaar. when Associate in Nursing exchange of greetings of Salam, Habib Najaar asked, ‘Who ar you individuals, wherever have you ever return from and why have you ever come?’ back, they each explicit , ‘We ar preachers sent by Sayyiduna ‘Isa to evangelise the individuals of this city, in order that they’ll worship only 1 God’. In response, Habib Najaar asked, ‘Do you have got any proof of your truthfulness?’ They replied, ‘Yes we do. By the command of Allah , we tend to heal the patients, the born blind and also the leprous!’
Habib N ajaar aforesaid, ‘One of my sons has been ill for an extended time. can you cure him?’ each of them replied in affirmation and aforesaid, ‘Bring your son to United States of America.’ The preachers stroked their hands on the sick juvenile body and now, he recovered and stood up! This news unfold within the entire town sort of a inferno and lots of patients gathered there and that they all were cured of their diseases.
The king of this town was Associate in Nursing idol worshipper named ‘Anteekha’. He became extraordinarily angry and furious once he detected the message of theism from the preachers. He in remission each of the preachers, whipped them hundred times every and place them into jail. After this, Sayyiduna ‘Isa sent the chief of his companions, Sayyiduna Sham’ oon to town of Antakiyah. Somehow, he managed to succeed in the court of the king, and aforesaid to the king, ‘You have whipped and unfree 2 of our men. you must have a minimum of allow them to complete what they were spoken language.’ The king summoned these 2 prisoners. The preachers aforesaid to him, ‘We have solely return here to inform you to abandon the worship of idols and worship solely Allah UN agency has created you yet as your idols.’
When the king demanded proof from them, these 2 men stroked the body of a person UN agency was born blind. This man didn’t even have eyes in his face, however upon the bit of the preachers, 2 eye sockets were fashioned on his forehead. moreover, these 2 blessed preachers created 2 balls of soil and placed them within the new fashioned eye sockets of the blind person. After this, they supplicated and these 2 balls of soil enlightened by turning into eyes, through that the blind person might currently see. A born blind person was blind no more! when this marvellous spectacle, Sayyiduna Sham’ oon aforesaid to the king, ‘O king, do your idols possess such power?’ The king replied, ‘No.’ Then Sayyiduna Sham’oon aforesaid, ‘Why do not you then worship the one UN agency has such powers that He blesses the blind with eyesight!’
Upon hearing this, the king aforesaid, ‘Can your Rab resurrect the deceased? If He will, then He ought to resurrect the son of 1 of my farmers, UN agency is lying dead for several days. I still haven’t buried him nevertheless as a result of i’m anticipating his father.’ The king light-emitting diode these 3 individuals to the body of the deceased boy. once these 3 individuals supplicated, then by the command of Allah , the remains came back to life and announced loudly, ‘I was Associate in Nursing idol worshipper and when my death, i used to be thrown into the valleys of Hell. thus I warn you of the Divine torment and decision you to simply accept religion in Allah . I decision you to recite the ‘Kalimah’ of Sayyiduna ‘Isa , settle for the message of those 3 preachers and treat them kindly. this is often as a result of these 3 individuals ar the companions and messengers of Sayyiduna ‘Isa -‘
Seeing this spectacle and hearing the speech of the person, everybody was surprised and astounded. Meanwhile, Habib Najaar additionally came running, and he too created a persuasive speech to persuade the king yet because the individuals of town to simply accept the honestness of the preachers. Consequently, the king together with his courtiers embraced religion and every one became true believers. however some cursed individuals, UN agency had lost their saneness and knowledge within the love of idols, didn’t settle for truth religion and instead, they killed Habib Najaar. Torment affected these cursed people, and because of severe penalisation, they were all destroyed.
(Ia/seer As-Saawi, vol. 5, pp. 1708-1710; half twenty two, Surah Yaseen, Ayah 13)
The Holy Koran has narrated that event in these words:
And relate to them Associate in Nursing example of the individuals of that town (Antakiyah), once Messengers came to them. after we had sent 2 (Messengers) towards them and that they belied them, thus we tend to strong them with a 3rd, currently all of them aforesaid, ‘Indeed we’ve been sent to you.’ They aforesaid, ‘You don’t seem to be however humans like United States of America and also the Most Gracious has not sent down something you’re just liars.’ They responded, ‘Our Lord is aware of that beyond question we’ve positively been sent towards you. And our duty is nothing however to obviously convey (the message).’ They (i.e. individuals of the city) aforesaid, ‘We think about you as dangerous luck. Indeed, if you are doing not refrain, we tend to shall sure as shooting stone you. you may sure as shooting face a grievous penalisation by our hands.’ They responded, ‘Your dangerous luck is simply with you. ar you obtaining aggravated with being advised? Rather, you’re nation UN agency exceed the bounds.’ And from the farthest aspect of town (of Antakiyah) came a person running (a Muslim by the name of Habib Najjaar). He said, ‘O my people! conform the sent ones. conform people who don’t raise any reward, and that they ar on the straight path.’
[Kanz-ul-Iman (Translation of Quran)J (Part twenty two, Surah Yaseen, domestic 13-21)
Moral:Observing the hardships, imprisonment, difficulties and threats round-faced by the 3 preachers and companions of Sayyiduna ‘Isa Sadiq , Masdooq and Sham’ oon within the path of spreading truth religion, we tend to learn an ethical lesson that, the preachers typically stumble upon severe afflictions and hardships. However, once an individual sticks to the current path of goodness by observant patience and happiness, then Allah provides him with the means that of success from the unseen. No doubt, Allah is that the True Guide and also the Modifier of hearts . Allah changes the hearts of deniers in a rapid, removes cognitive content from their hearts, and blesses them with the sunshine of steerage.

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